We’re changing gears so we can better serve you.

As some of you may have noticed, last week we removed our publicly available roadmap from the Rainway website, and since then there has been a lot of speculation. Nothing dire has happened, in fact, some would say the changes are great news.

The idea.

Right after launch, we began development on a really amazing feature called Rewind. Utilizing the same efficient streaming technology that powers our remote play, we planned to introduce the means to automatically record/highlight the coolest moments of your gameplay so you could share them with friends. We don’t mean automated in the gimmicky sense either, it would have been fully capable of detecting when you do something awesome.

Rewind would have also introduced an in-app video editor, letting you take longer gameplay sessions and trim/cut/crop them however you would have liked. We were really dedicated to the idea of making the best interface for producing short gameplay videos.

A change in focus.

While I am really proud of the effort our collective teams put into helping build out this feature, I had to make the tough call a few weeks ago to put it on hold. We see the value of Rewind, and we do plan to release it at a later date; for now, however, our focus at Rainway is building the best game-streaming service around. To build that kind of service, we need to focus on expanding to as many platforms as possible and listening to you. We are doing just this with Xbox, and, as we continue to grow and hear your feedback, we understand mobile plays an important role in our vision.

In that same breath, I’m happy to announce the development of our iOS application has begun. It will be powered by our Quantum rendering pipeline and we have dedicated a number of engineering resources to see it come to life as soon as possible.

We can’t say much now, but we’re excited to bring our unique user experience to mobile, delivering your entire PC games to devices that fit in your pocket. With 5G on the horizon, you can be sure our cutting edge app will take full advantage of it.

In closing.

Our hyperfocus on delivering an incredible user experience continues to propel us forward, and I hope our delay of Rewind isn’t too upsetting. If you have any questions/comments feel free to join our Discord here and, as always, thank you for reading.

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