Everything you need to know about our upcoming Xbox Launch.

As many of you know, we, unfortunately, had to delay our Xbox One beta a few weeks ago due to issues that appeared during the release process. We’ve been working diligently to ensure that Rainway meets the quality standards we set for ourselves, as well as the standards Microsoft has put in place for the Xbox. That means fixing bugs, building features, and pushing forward.

Parental Controls

To better serve the interest of parents, we’ve begun building a robust parental control system. From childhood classics to the latest AAA games, Rainway is full of entertainment for kids, which means we must take the extra steps to protect them from more mature content.

Because of limitations on the Xbox One, we needed to build our cross-platform system for managing these controls. The Rainway team has already baked this feature into the Xbox One app, and we plan to roll it out across existing web platforms, as well as our upcoming mobile apps.

Release Dates

As we work with Microsoft to resolve a few remaining issues, we are unable to provide hard release dates right now. Tens of thousands of you registered for the beta, and your support has meant the world to us. Your continued patience as we work towards a full release is greatly appreciated, and we can’t wait to share our creation with you soon.

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