Our Technology

Rainway's technology is next to none, allowing users to play their games anywhere without compromise and hassle.

Pulsar Engine

At the core of Rainway is the incredibly fast Pulsar Engine. It can capture gameplay in real-time and quickly encode Full-HD 60 FPS to a video stream in just a few milliseconds. It has been meticulously crafted to enable ultra-low-delay game streaming and leverages modern APIs such as DirectX 12 for incredible performance, unmatched power efficiency, and cutting-edge features.

Hardware agnostic streaming

Pulsar is fully compatible with all existing hardware from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia and even contains an ultra-fast CPU fallback. It is unique in its versatility by allowing the use of multiple GPU's and also mixing two different brands for the best performance.

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Recognizing Millions of Games Instantly

When we started creating Rainway we set out to build a service that was user-friendly and did away with manual configuration.

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Tracking and Managing Processes on Windows

Today we open sourced our process management library, Warden. It aims to simplify tracking processes and their children across Windows.

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Real-time Communication For Everyone

Today we’re open sourcing Spitfire, our WebRTC library that enables real-time communication with web browser.

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